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Look Younger, Healthier, and Friendlier With A 'Sunshine Smile'!

Let's face it... stained, yellow teeth aren't that pleasant to look at. For most of us, years and years of coffee, soda, smoking, or just inadequate regular brushing have taken their toll and our smile has paid the price. Sunshine Smiles is St George's most effective and affordable option for putting the shine back in your smile in just one session. Using our patented technique and top-of-the-line equipment we can restore almost any set of teeth to a 0 or a 1 on the whiteness scale (0 is like a snowflake, 1 is like a piece of paper).

It's proven that smiling is one of the quickest ways to display confidence, appear youthful, and to have people respond to you more positively. With the sunshine put back in your smile you'll feel better, smile more, and see the difference in how people act around you. You might even find people telling you more jokes and funny stories because they aren't afraid of making you laugh!

Seriously though, it's pretty amazing that such a small thing as whiter teeth can have such a profound impact on so many areas of life. Smiling often has been shown to help with:

  • Having more friends
  • Earning more money
  • Attracting more dates
  • Appearing younger
  • A more passionate marriage
  • Better overall health

Come see what a "Sunshine Smile" feels like... Sunshine Smiles are in high demand so Check Availability and schedule yours today!